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Our attorneys have a wide variety of experience, licensed in California, New York and New Jersey, and have practiced for many years; most importantly, they are committed to working hard for you! We only take on meritorious matters that we feel passionate about!

Three factors that differentiates us from other law firms


Our boutique setting enables us to give every estate plan the customized and individual attention that it requires. Our firm is not bound by time-consuming law firm procedures, and constrictions. The attorneys are free to provide quality representation and be flexible with time and costs if needed to best serve the clients' needs.  We’re nimble.  We’re entrepreneurial.


We are 100% committed to our clients.  We never put anything before our clients’ needs. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.  Our goal is long-term relationships with our clients. We undertake each engagement with that in mind.  We’re trustworthy.  We’re loyal.


We are smart enough to know the importance of being creative.  We analyze the circumstances of every estate plan from every angle.  We think of countless possibilities until we obtain the best estate plan for our clients.  We have a team of professionals that we work with to provide related services.  We're savvy.  We're resourceful.

About Our Firm

Founded by Shamica E. Kennedy (maiden name Doty), we at DLG have vigorously represented our clients winning them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Regardless of the size of the matter, we take your matter seriously and are committed to delivering the highest quality legal services to achieve our client’s goals.

Doty Law Group, P.C. is the result of a long felt desire to practice law and provide superior advocacy and service to our clients. Our lives are governed by laws and we benefit from an ordered society; however, engaging the legal system for probate, estate planning, commercial leases, contracts, accidents, real estate and other situations which require legal expertise is not so easy. Our goal at DLG is to bring ease to the legal process for our clients. We strive to remove the mystery, lower anxieties and alleviate fears around the legal process.


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