Probate & Trust Administration  

Doty Law Group, P.C. provides legal services in the following areas of Probate and Trust Administration:

  • Probate Administration (When a person dies with a will.)

  • Estate Administration (When a person dies without a will.)

  • Trust Administration (When a person dies with a trust.)

  • Sales of an Estate's Real Property 

  • Small Estate Administration 

Probate Involving a Will

If there is a Last Will and Testament involved, the Will in its entirety will be reviewed and its written wishes will be followed.   An executor will be appointed according to the Will, who will be in charge of overseeing the probate process to ensure the estate is appropriately distributed.

Probate Without a Will

If there is no Will involved, the heirs of the deceased person will take their inheritance in accordance with the laws of the state.  An administrator will be appointed by the court who will be in charge of overseeing the probate process to ensure the estate is appropriately distributed.

At Doty Law Group, P.C. the most important part of our business is our clients!  We understand the sensitive nature of our probate matters and provide the sensitivity and personal attention needed in helping our clients throughout the probate process.  

The Probate Process

High level overview: 

  • Filing a Petition and lodging of Will (if one exists)
  • Giving notice to beneficiaries and creditors
  • Taking inventory of all estate assets 
  • Determining all debts owed
  • Paying all debts and expenses of administration
  • Liquidating assets (if necessary)
  • Filing tax returns
  • Distributing estate assets
  • Filing final accounting and attending the accounting hearing 

In California, the entire administration process can take between 9 and 18 months to complete, sometimes longer.  Our firm plans from day one how to make each case proceed as expeditiously as possible, so that beneficiaries and heirs receive their distribution without delay.

Trust Administration 

The Process

At Doty Law Group, P.C. we begin by thoroughly reviewing the trust. In the trust administration process it is important that title to property and ownership of each asset is determined, as well as, the monetary value of each asset. A proper valuation is critical to ensure that the assets are correctly handled.

By way of example, trust items can be any or all of the following:

  • Real property
  • Automobiles
  • Stocks
  • Bank accounts
  • Private Collections
  • Jewelry 
  • Family heirlooms
  • Antiques
  • Clothing
  • Fine Dinnerware a.k.a. "China Dishes"
  • Art
  • Timeshares 

Since it is crucial that the trust administrator obtain the accurate value of each of these items before anything is distributed to heirs or beneficiaries, it is important to have assistance.  At Doty Law Group, P.C., we assist by helping determine which assets are included in the trust and which assets are not; we also have a "Rolodex" of qualified appraisers.

Proper accounting of all assets is important and we assist with the accounting to ensure it is accurate.  Our firm also assists with notification to the beneficiaries and making sure it is timely. Our firm helps with distribution of property and assets to the beneficiaries after the valuation is complete. Trust administration can be quite complex depending on the number and type of assets in the trust.  You do not have to handle it alone and expose yourself to legal and financial consequences. 

At Doty Law Group, P.C. we not only represent our clients in their trust administration, but we help guide our clients through the process.

"The most valuable part of our business is you!"

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